The Great Congress v BJP

This is a Yahoo conversation between me and a very good friend P.A. We both had our view poits and we both had opinions. This is the transcript...

me (1:12:07 PM): vote dala?
P.A. (1:12:25 PM): yeah
P.A. (1:12:28 PM): u?
me (1:12:29 PM): kisko?
me (1:12:36 PM): Me yes to congress !

P.A. (1:13:26 PM): khatam aadmi ...... khatam party
P.A. (1:13:32 PM): ur gonna lose
P.A. (1:13:34 PM): B-)
me (1:13:36 PM): this is what YOU think
me (1:13:45 PM): I hve already won it. I casted the vote for the right person
me (1:13:49 PM): the results are immaterial
P.A. (1:13:57 PM): i Know whos is gonna win
P.A. (1:14:00 PM): thats what matters
me (1:14:10 PM): ha
me (1:14:30 PM): one side you have got 8th pass/fail candidate and one side youve got PGDRM...
me (1:14:34 PM): chal me not gonna fight
P.A. (1:14:34 PM): =P~
me (1:14:49 PM): I made my decision and thought about it, had reasons
me (1:14:57 PM): you made your decisionyou had your reasons
P.A. (1:15:02 PM): exactly................... education is no substitute 4 good governance n policies
P.A. (1:15:23 PM): else all those Foreign educated netas wwud have nt been involved in scams
P.A. (1:15:38 PM): what a dud reason to vote 4 a candidate
me (1:16:07 PM): huh?
me (1:16:17 PM): and why did you vote for BJP?
me (1:16:28 PM): you know the candidate? his history? his past?
P.A. (1:16:40 PM): I know the candidate
P.A. (1:16:49 PM): cause he's been to my nanaji's house
P.A. (1:16:53 PM): plus
P.A. (1:16:59 PM): he is known to a be decent chap
P.A. (1:17:04 PM): humble guy
P.A. (1:17:09 PM): nt very famous
P.A. (1:17:15 PM): LAl bihari tiwari
P.A. (1:17:22 PM): listens to ppl
me (1:17:27 PM): humble? :O? my ass
me (1:17:36 PM): you were at the marriage of his daughter?
me (1:17:41 PM): you shoudl have scene there
P.A. (1:18:02 PM): n obviously
P.A. (1:18:03 PM): its more abt the party n policies 4 me n less 4 the candidate
P.A. (1:18:03 PM): bhaiya paisa hai kharch to karna padega
P.A. (1:18:14 PM): aur ladki ki shadi pe to farz banta hai
P.A. (1:18:25 PM): neta ki ladki hai aakhir
P.A. (1:18:30 PM): whats wrong with that
me (1:18:36 PM): am not talking about the way he spent
me (1:18:44 PM): chal chod, would tell ya whenwe meet
me (1:18:49 PM): and you voted for the party?
me (1:19:26 PM): WOW... Had VajpayeeJi been 5 years younger I would have voted for him but not anymore when he is ready to pass his bastion to that son of a botch

P.A. (1:19:31 PM): yes
P.A. (1:19:31 PM): NDA
me (1:19:37 PM): NDA :))
me (1:19:51 PM): the same NDA who one days says they want alliances andother day they say they are tired of em?
me (1:20:06 PM): the same NDA whihc was thrown outta poewr by jayalalitha and they are backwith her now?
me (1:20:17 PM): the same who threw chautala out and they want him back now/
P.A. (1:20:17 PM): Still better than ................congressssssss any dayyyyyyyyyy
me (1:20:27 PM): the same nda where mulayam singh is in and out
P.A. (1:20:34 PM): they to sold everything to get votes
me (1:20:38 PM): where mayawati one day is friend and other day is foe?
P.A. (1:20:40 PM): all this allinace n horse trading etc
P.A. (1:20:45 PM): is a legacy of congress
P.A. (1:21:06 PM): what abt NCp
P.A. (1:21:08 PM): n sharad pawar
P.A. (1:21:19 PM): :-))
me (1:21:29 PM): bhaiya sharda pawar was always the part of congress
me (1:21:39 PM): he spil;t from congress on some local issue pertaining to maharastha
P.A. (1:21:42 PM): atleast .BJP is a more younger n better run party
me (1:21:48 PM): younger?
P.A. (1:21:48 PM): it has organisational sense
me (1:21:52 PM): YOUNGER?
me (1:21:59 PM): where do you see young pople in BJP?
me (1:22:04 PM): in Bahu Irani?
me (1:22:14 PM): in VajpayeeJi/
me (1:22:21 PM): yeah infatc Vajpayee Ji is younger at 80
me (1:22:40 PM): and I have no clue about the organiational sense :( so cant beat you on it
P.A. (1:23:09 PM): not justa coalition of kings n patriachs
P.A. (1:23:09 PM): B-)
P.A. (1:23:09 PM): andar lele
me (1:23:37 PM): NDA is not coalition?
me (1:23:51 PM): :O its NAME is "alliance"...
P.A. (1:23:56 PM): bhaiya ....... in fighting is famous in cong
me (1:24:12 PM): yeah its not beacuse Vajpayee Ji is still here
P.A. (1:24:12 PM): aapas main hi ladte rehate hai...
me (1:24:22 PM): the day Vajpayee Ji exits, you see
P.A. (1:24:23 PM): kaam kya karenge
P.A. (1:24:23 PM): ek woh pagal sonia
me (1:24:34 PM): that SOB MM Joshi is abhi sey saying hes the number 3 man in BJP
P.A. (1:24:35 PM): tell me ..............WHO IS THE CONGRESS CANDIATE $ PM
me (1:24:38 PM): yep !
P.A. (1:24:39 PM): can u tell.....................????
P.A. (1:24:42 PM): can u?????
me (1:24:47 PM): AREE SONIA is not to be the PM, she is not qualified
me (1:24:57 PM): but there are lots of others
me (1:25:08 PM): I would say if I had the decision to make, I would havechosed Dr. Singh anyday
P.A. (1:25:32 PM): bhaiya kisi ko nahi pata
P.A. (1:25:39 PM): congress ke worker ko nahi pata
me (1:25:39 PM): but again the ENTIRE alliance would sit and plan about and decide, not like the other party where they say they already have a sucessor to Vajpayee Ji and they dont name it

After this he suddenly left and our BIG FIGHT :D which I thought was winnig was over :(

Anywys the priminary results for Andhra Pradesh Assembly Election 2004 are out and in the first round Congress is winning 200 odd of 294 seats. Last time around Congress just had 100 seats. ChanrdraBabu Naidu has been removed from the throne and his great dream of getting everything for Andhra and eventually himself is over.

Cheers to Congress !!!!

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