Me + Yahoo + Friends = Gulp!

Me + Yahoo + Friends = Gulp!

Here is another incident from the deepest conversation archives of Yahoo.

I thought I was the smartest chap around and could fool anyone on the web. I have been doing it successfully since 1999. I was pretty sure nobody was greater then I am and I am the AUTHORITY on the Internet. BUT this time I had to face the music and as they “bade sey bade aadmi ka bhi baap hota hai”, I found I also has been tricked by one or may be two or may be not. I am so confused till now, dunno if it is one person or two or three or how many.

Ok here is the story…

I know this person, lets called it (could be him/her) Person A or P.A. for about 5 years now. I believe it is a very very good friend. And then there is another person, Person B or P.B. whom I happen to know for about 8 months now. It is also a very very good friend And I know that these people, P.A. and P.B. happen to know each other too.

Now it’s a long story, 8 months of sweat, tears, blood, effort etc. etc. (got this from a movie ;)) and to cut it short, I have been fooled by P.A. and P.B. in the real sense of the word. As I am writing this, I still don’t know who is who and who has the other person’s password.

Following things made be suspicious that something fishy is going on…
- Whenever P.A. is online, P.B. is not and vice versa. This could be coincidence.
- As soon as P.A. leaves, P.B. comes online and as soon as P.B. leaves, P.A. is back online. This can NOT be coincidence. Happens all the time.
- P.A. and P.B. would act in a strange manner when talked about the other person.
- They would talk EXACTLY in same manner and use EXACTLY same slangs.

I dunno if it was accident, if it was planned or what, but it happened and it has taught me a few lessons. Following is the summary of the lessons…
- Never to trust anyone on the WWW until you have met that person in real.
- Even if the person happens to be your friend and you have met him/her in real, someone else could be using their account and fooling around with you. Be real careful.

This has been done with a lot of my friends but I always used to laugh and say how an someone be so stupid to fall in the trap. But now since I have fallen, I know how does it feels.

Adding to this, I am also kinda getting myself into trap with yet another person/persons. Me trying to help this guy hack into this girl’s mailbox and find out everything about his girl and since what has happened with P.A. and P.B., I am getting kind of suspicious now.

Lagta hai thode din kay liye Yahoo ko aaram dena paedga.

Finally I think I am making an issue outta very small thing. They were together, came, fooled me, and went away. I don’t have to cry about it. Would be more careful in future.

The only reason of me being angry is if I don’t lie to people, don’t act up, why do people have to lie to me? Act up in front of me? Conceal something from me. Human Nature prolly, would never understand it. Since I am always truthful (ALMOST), I expect people not to lie to me and … arghh

I initially thought I would dig up the entire thing and try to see whats going on but again I don’t have to do it. I just have to accept defeat and get ready for the next battle on Yahoo. It’s a classic case of a girl trying to prove that she is good looking and has great acads and lying all the way about it. Would publish her story as soon as a result is achieved.

That’s about it I guess.

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