Saurabh n Friends from BIT, MAC

Yesterday, 18th May 2004, was a very very interesting day. I was happy, sad, excited, scared, tired, enthusiastic etc. all at one time.

I deposited the first installment of the fee at MDI and withdrew my asmission at IMI.

I also went to T.G.'s place for the first time. Saw the place from where he rulez the Quake 3 Arenas. Went to U.G.'s place too. No, we did'nt play cricket this team. Dunno why but everytime I am at U.G.'s place, we end up playing cricket and more often than not, I am on the loosing side ;) Talking of places I visited there, I also went to P.P.'s room @ MDI. Its like his home there. Met few pepole there. Found them interesting. And talking to them revealed that MDI would be a fun place. Another noticable thing there was "My Cousin Vinny". The movie My Cousin Vinny which I wanted so badly. I would get it as soon as I land up @ MDI. They had everything on LAN a guy like me could dream of. Looks like I would be busy with buying and burning disks all the time.

Talking of going to MDI, I am supposed to get a DCam and a Laptop. Had a chat with kAgE and he suggested that I go for The Ferrari Acer Laptop or the Toshiba thinkpad. About the cam, I talked to A.P. and he is a great lawyer for the older regular cams. He told me about quite a few things that would make any person stop thinking about the "D"cam and go for the regular film cameras. I would have gone for the regular film cam but the thing is that I won't have time and money to get all the pics developed :(

Decisions Decisions and Decisions.

Ahh, I am supposed to talk about the meeting I had with the friends from Maharaja Agrasen College.

Ever since U.G and P.M. have landed in Delhi from their respective MBA colleges, we have been trying to co-ordinate a meeting. Finally after trying for a million times, we were able to decide on meeting yesterday. The time was fixed @ 6:30 PM and the palc... the regular Nirula's Restaurant @ NOIDA.

I went to MDI first and while returning, I got lost and somehow went to Tuglaqabad area of Delhi. It was all beautiful but the roads were full of HUGE potholes. But stil the roads were lined up with walls from some old fort. It brought me back to my thoughts and my keen interest in history and historical monuments.

To cut the story short, I reached T.G.'s place at around 6 and we left for U.G.'s place and reached there at 6.30 something. Meanwhile P.M. and N.L. called up and confirmed that they would be coming too. Pretty cool, so many good pals from past meeting up. So we reached at the Nirulas and to our surprise, a plesant one ;), found D.G. along with P.M. Wow, now we were six people all doing somethign or the other.

We talked, talked and talked. I was the person who was sacrificed when it came to footing the bills. They all said that I got thru MDI and I should be paying up and blah blah blah, so I paid up. Meanwhile N.L. had to leave. He had "chaar daanav"s visting his place and he said he would be crucified agar he is late for home. Me was happy when he haid he would leave.. one less person to treat ;) and with the kind of eating records he has, I could save me a fortune. Anyways he had to leave and we moved to CentreStage Mall. The home of Waves Multiplex in NOIDA. So we were five people, free from all the worries of this world and roaming around uselessly and we had absolutely nothing to do. Pretty relaxed.

So we ate at Taste of India. Good food, great ambiance and friends...

So as we were talkin, we were talking about cars, bikes, gizmoes when D.G. told us that her dad has all the "Boys Toys" you could ask for. We also talked about Bungee Jumping and Roler Coasters and we were told that D.G.'s dad has also done that. MY ROLE MODEL !!!!

P.M. cracked all those regular jokes of hers. U.G. was "profesional" as always, T.G. was "BOND" as always... Everything was almost the same as it used to be during the four years I spent at BIT. Only thing that chnaged was, we all were no longer together and were headed in our own directions.

We also have planned to catch up the movie which would be sponsored by P.M. :D

And we have thought about geting more people from the class to spend an evening like that. It sure is good to meet good friends and great people.

Signing Off on happy notes :)

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