Yet Another Fight on Yahoo

I guess, I have acquired an uncanny knack of pissing people off Yahoo... Here is a recent conversation with a VERY VERY good friend who happens to belong to Andhra Pradesh, where Chandrababu Naidu, the CEO of Hydrabad lost badly.

S.G. (3:04:51 PM): oye
V.R. (3:04:56 PM): oye
S.G. (3:05:01 PM): tera CN aar gaya kutte ki maut
V.R. (3:05:14 PM): tuh ***** mara le saale.
V.R. (3:05:41 PM): toshiba wale iss saal socrates ko officially toshiba ka R&d center declare karne wale the
V.R. (3:05:58 PM): par political glamour ko dekh ke woh picche hat rahe hain
S.G. (3:06:22 PM): :))
V.R. (3:06:27 PM): **** ** **** ***** ****, agar congress aa gaye toh most of the foriegn compnaies peche hat jayenga
V.R. (3:06:37 PM): **** ** **** had mat teri ***** bhi lagu hue hai
V.R. (3:06:50 PM): tuh jause ***** ke karan hum bhi marte hain
V.R. (3:07:04 PM): nassom ka article pad
S.G. (3:07:11 PM): Mera Haath Congress Kay Saath
V.R. (3:07:25 PM): apne ap ko MBA ki top samajhta hain...***** mein apne hath ko
S.G. (3:07:39 PM): :))
S.G. (3:07:48 PM): naidu ka rape
S.G. (3:07:52 PM): 48 seats

V.R. (3:09:04 PM): sale tum logon ke karan apni ***** lagti hai
V.R. (3:09:59 PM): bhuke rahoge , nange rahoge lekin apni akal nahin ladaoge
V.R. (3:10:14 PM): saale sensex ka haal dekh.....baat karta hai
S.G. (3:10:20 PM): :))
S.G. (3:10:34 PM): you sure sound ood when you are pissed off
V.R. (3:11:36 PM): am not pissed off by any ****ing political party, but the ****ing poilcy congress hold for foreign ompanies
S.G. (3:11:43 PM): abey cool down
S.G. (3:11:44 PM): chillak
S.G. (3:11:56 PM): ycr should be a good leader
V.R. (3:13:15 PM): any ****er will do, wouldn't mind even if VP singh who increase SC quatos, but thier poicy regarding foreign companies shld be good
V.R. (3:13:50 PM): not like congressian who need bribe a lots even to set up a single centre in india..
V.R. (3:14:20 PM): thats the reason most of the forieghn R&D centers were not there till 1997

V.R. (4:03:21 PM): ******* go through
V.R. (4:03:56 PM): i will send u shortly toshiba's press conference held in japan regarding my company
S.G. (4:05:44 PM): If Naidu has been guilty of a pro-urban outlook while ignoring the interest of farmers that led to a spate of suicides, Krishna has been found blameworthy for the same reason.

V.R. (4:06:47 PM): **** ** ****...pehle apna not telling any pro of naidu...see the future, if congress don't their ******* poilcy , we aare gone for..
S.G. (4:06:56 PM): i dont care
S.G. (4:07:00 PM): as simple as dat
S.G. (4:07:10 PM): Naidu deserved too looose and he lost. Period
V.R. (4:08:00 PM): **** ke ****...shyaad hi kabhi tune farners ke bare socha hoga, if u are so sympathetic to farmers then please vote for deve gowda's party at least they have some sympathy for farmers....baat karta hai
S.G. (4:08:20 PM): :))

Phew... It took me atleast 30 minutes to replaces KEYwords with stars.

Most posts coming soon...

P.S.: I just hope these things don't spoil my friendship with my friends. I don't do this on purpose but it happens. This is election time I guess, so everyone is very passionate.

The one positive thing hat comes out of this is that people are passinate about some party and they unknowingly are passionate about INDIA. What else could I ask for?

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