I wish ...

I wish I had a HUGE bike, specifically an Enfield or the good old Harley. Ofcourse getting a Harley is kinda tough but I don't think Enfield would be a problem once I start working.

On my way back from dinner I saw this guy on a bike, he was arrogant all right, the wa he talked to the ticketing assistant, I absolutely hated it but I liked his bike. He had this Enfield that was as big as a Maruti 800.

He had modified this bike with changed front fenders. The seat was lowered to the level of the speedometers. I can think of kAgE's Bullect Electra. He had'nt done any modifications but his bike looks royal. May be the royal blue color on the bike makes it prefect or may be that he uses this wax daily on his bike... I can also think of WalkinEagle who has this sexy bike whose name I cant recollect right now but it is one of most expensive bikes around in India.

The best part about these bikes is the put-put-put sound they make when they are being driven around. People notice it from atleast a hundred miles. Its a very distinct sound and I don't know about other people but I am full with envy.

ORIGIANALLY POSTED ON Sunday, October 23, 2005

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