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In as back as 1998, Swatch came up with this concept called Internet Time. I was ignorant till date. I just learnt about Internet Time and I am an instant fan ... !

I think Internet Time as a concept makes a lot of sense. As we are moving towards the global world where physical boundaries between people located in different countries are blurring every second, there is in fact a need for a standard universal time.

So advantages ... ?
1. Swatch can now make, market and sell an entire new range of watches. When you are bored of your regular time, switch to swatch.
2. If people adpot this as a standard in near future, huge huge royalty fees from mere reference to the term (just like CDMA by Qualcomm) would be realized.
3. Swatch gets even more credit for being just more than yet another watch company.

4. People get a standrad reference for time. Although the current time and date system is one of the most beautiful concepts ever and is very hard for Interet Time to replace it, people can still do away with a standard reference for time online.
5. No confusing time zones, conversion charts, sunrises and sunsets, daylight saving formulaes and all that rocket science.

So what exactly is Internet Time....?
Pretty Simple ... instead of having seconds as the basic unit for measurement of time, we have something called .beat as the building block. A .beat is equivalent to 1 minute and 26.4 seconds. A day is now divided into 1000 beats rather than 60X60X24 seconds. A day begins at @000 Swatch .beats and ofcourse ends at @999 Swatch .beats

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