IBM Thinkpad R51 - KQ1 - Reposted

I posted in a previous post about my thinkpad. It islocated here.

I am reposting thisfortwo reaons. One, its beenan year since I bought my laptop. I bought my laptop on 31st oflast to last year. I founda key broken, wanted to get it replaced but IBM peopledurely and courteously refused to do so. Company policy theysaid. So I hadthis new laptop, it was not more than two days old and IBM would not change/replace/repair it because it was their company policy.

Second reasonfor thispost isthe broken keypad thats gotten even worse. Somehow the space bar has started acting funny. Sometimes, I wouldget a perfectly fineandnormalspacing and at other times I wouldnot insert andspaces. I have absolutely no clue how all of a sudden thismight happen.

And now since IBM has sold Thinkpad asa brand to Lenovo, I dont think there is apoint in even calling them up to get some help. Andsince the annual maintenance I had was for a year only and they could not help me when I was covered by their warranty, i cant even imagine to talk to them without the warranty.

And if you are wonderingwhat happened to thispost, thisis becuase of the funny space bar.

This is my last line in this post and I am trying very hard to maintain my typing speeds and hitting space bar ...

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