Tuesdays with Morrie - Mitch Albom

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom is simply put superb. I don't respect things like Good Living, Happy Living, Art of Living and things like that but Tuesdays taught me lots and lots of things. Actually it ain't taught me things but helped me realize. More importantly it gave me few answers to things I was always thinking about.

I was always wondering if I should conform to the norms laid down by the society and even if I feel limited in them, shall I try to break out of them. Morrie gives me the answer. I always thought I would end up doing something like Morrie - things that won't exploit other things (quite a change from my previous thoughts where I wanted to be rich at any cost). I started answering the basic premise behind the concept of Marketing. Again Morrie provides the answer.

Few things that I can instantly recall from Morrie are Live in Now, Say things you wanna say, Don’t wait forever to let people what you always want to say, Listen - Listen, Listen and Listen. Nothing is as good as listening to people.

I always knew these things were important and I knew them at the back of my mind but Morrie made me realize them. Will make sure I implement them.

They say Paulo Coelho authors some life changing books, I say NO. I never really appreciated his work. Morrie changed it ! Morrie has the power. MUST READ.

Some people say that Morrie is a real story. I probably would never know but I would sure want to meet a man with such personal strengths. He is staring death in face and still he is as strong as anyone. I always thought one must be independent of others. I always practised it but I realized that what I was doing was following independence in action. My thoughts were very much dependent on others. My very self was, is, will be dependent. Forever.


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