Canon PowerShot A75 - Not Working Anymore !!!!

I happily owned a Canon PowerShot A75. I further owned SanDisk 1 GB CompactFlash Card. Like everyone guy who owns a Digicam, I always dreamt of clicking random pics of people, things and life. Life was cool, I was clicking things when I wanted to until ...

... until I filled up the memory card and I realized that I can not transfer images because my licensed Windows XP Home Edition would not recognize the camera as a device. I was in Catch 22 situation. I could not delete the images and I could not copy them anywhere.

Why did this happen to me? I am just an ordinary guy .. I ain't no macho man, I ain't no hi-fi. Ok I ripped this off Bombay Vikings song but this is the truth. I never meant to harm anyone. I am a simple guy with a white, clean heart with a sense of responsibility. I expect sun to rise in the esat every morning, like everyone else. I expect things to be right, like everyone. After all is said and done, I am left with myself and things not turning out the way they should.

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