Pepsi TV - The most dissappointing ad ever

Pepsi TV - The most disappointing ad ever

Pepsi came up with the concept called Pepsi TV. Interesting concept I must say. People speculated that Pepsi are coming with an entertainment channel. Speculations were about “K”Ekta Kapoor tying up with Pepsi to start shows for Pepsi TV. Stars like SRK, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra were signed up to work on Pepsi TV promos. I was personally looking forward to Pepsi TV.

What did they come up with? "If you drink Pepsi with TV, it becomes Pepsi TV". Wow.

They say, the power is in simplicity. They tried to get the maximum power and make it over-simple. What happened to those who thought Indian advertising is growing leaps and bounds with new, better ideas springing up from everywhere? What about some creativity?

I don't know who (didn't) had the brains behind Pepsi TV, but I am sure they were either trying to create the worst concept of the year or did not get their paycheck from Pepsi. After concepts as good as Bholu PocketMaar for SBI, Pepsi is a real dampener.

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Anonymous said...

true...a pathetic ad.

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