Running low on social fuel ...

Hi Blog (trying to imitate the way people use Hi Diary)

Today I realized that I am running low on fuel. Not the $70 a barrel one, but social fuel. Ever since I have left MDI, I have had minimal contact with the outside world. I have forgotten what did it felt like having a coffee with a friend.

I have been largely constrained in my home, reading books ranging from Three Musketeers to India Unbound to Byomkesh Bakshi to Grisham. When I am not reading my books, I am working on my website. My website is working on the good old funda where work expandes to fill time.

Talking of the social fuel, I have been sitting in front of my computer trying to use all the social networking websites (read Orkut) to find out long lost friends and trying to fix meetings (without any success). I have been talking to few people who are gracious enough not to reprimand me, boring them to death. I am sure I am standing with all of my 85+ KGs on their nerves and I will be booted out of Yahoo anyday.

To increase my levels of social fuel, I registered on a few forums ProjectW, GMAT club, PagalGuy etc. to meet new people and recharge my batteries. I could not think of any other method to do it ...

I am in serious need of some contact with the real world of people made with bones and skins...

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Anonymous said...

i think i have posted too many comments in a day...but anyway..if you're searching people with bones and'll get plenty...but in life its an achievement if you have one person with a true heart.
wish you luck for the same.


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