Sand in the Hand :)

I think my english is deteriorating day by day. For example the title of this post ... "Sand in the Hand". I know the reason. My thought process is in Hindi and my vocabulary is very limited. When I get down to translating my thoughts in English, something really funny comes out. I think I need a course in English Hons ;)

And why Sand in the Hand? Some time back, there was a movie titled Dil Chahta Hai. It was an amazing movie about lives of three friends. In the move, there is a side character (lets call her Amy) who was deeply in love with one of the main characters (lets call him Jack). But as usual for Jack, Amy doesnt even exit. Amy tries everything in the world to woo Jack and impress him. But Jack, being the hero hardly gives a sweat about her.

Anyways this is not about Jack or Amy but this about all those people who care about someone and the other person ignores them like anything. I certainly am one of those. And I know there are people for whom I am the world and for me they are like any of the 1 billion people in the world.

But Why?
Becuase, for Amy, Jack is like a handful of sand. She can see Jack within her reach all the time. She can extend her hand and get hold of Jack anytime she wants. But for a moment. And since Jack is like sand, the moment Amy opens her hand, Jack will slip away. Drift apart. Amy can see a lot of Jack but she cannot contain him. She cannot have him for life.

So what can Amy do? I serisouly have no clue. I dont really know. I think I would ever know...

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Anonymous said...

regarding your english...its good.. but if you say its a (not yet)a good freind, i would always support you.
for the simple reason that the word is 'anyway' and never 'anyways'.

and about the 'sand in the hand', its so very true and applicable in life...and can be felt by most of the youth today who run after ...... this reminds me of a song by pink floyd which run and you run to catch up with the sun but its sinking'.


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