Why do people watch movies?

Almost everyone I meet is very keen on watching movies. They don't need a reason for the movie. Exams got over? Someone has a birthday? Want to just chill out? Nothing else to do? Let's go watch a movie.

For someone like me, watching movie is a very difficult task. Apart from everything pleasant, few things make it absolutely terrible task. To start with I can not sit at one place for more than an hour. A movie would typically end in about a couple of hours. Another reason - the moollah factor. For me a movie is never worth 100 bucks even if it is about computer gaming, hackers, Pamela Anderson striping, money or anyone else. You could get atleast a couple of good books for the same price.

So if you are planning to meet and have good time, going to a place like Barista and Café Coffee day is a VERY good choice. You get to sit on good, comfortable chairs, bean bags, have some great coffee and sit in conditioned air. Why go to a movie where you can't even talk? If you want to go to a movie, you can go all alone as once in the hall, you are all by yourself.

So you want to celebrate? But why with a movie? Someone got something desired. The celebration could be spending time by cutting a cake. You could celebrate by doing some group activity, something that brings everyone closer.

And the biggest reason of all is the quality. There simply aren't any good movies left. A producer thinks about getting maximum people out to the theatres, people go to movies just because they have to (even if they suck big time) and people “act” because they ain't got anything better to do. It’s like someone has programmed it in the minds. George Orwell was correct about the world he thought would come in future. You do things you never knew you were doing. It's like someone has programmed you to do it.

In the end, movies are a waste of time, effort, money and resources. Hope people enjoy their show :)

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Anonymous said...

this is where i totally agree with you. movies is a waste of time, money and also absolute distortion of history..see movies like devdas, mangal pandey...etc. so much of controversy over the distorted story.who gains? media...

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