2008 Dec 21 - The Weekend

Saturday was 49's birthday. Me + 122 reached 49's place on Friday night and went looking for sea food. Somehow reached ShilPhata and stopped for dinner at Kokam King. 49 and 122 loved the sea food. I loved the Masala Papad.

Came back, rented 21, Finding Nemo and Bucket List. Saw The Bucket List (Das Vidaniyan was loosly based on Bucket List). Ok movie but an awesome lesson. I think I will make my own bucket list.

Planning to finish The Motorcycle Diaries by end of this weekend.

Might meet Met 58 at the airport.

Will go Went for the first meeting of the LSBC on sunday (I can never seem to spell the name correct - I think Prasanna hates me for naming it like that). Hope to discover more people and share the love of reading books.

Written on Saturday, 20th December 2008 while waiting for a pizza that I just ordered from Dominoes. 

1 comment:

labellagorda said...

yes i do hate u n hence the unpronounceable name! deal with it!!!! :P

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