Don Karnage - I am a Fan

I am now a Don Karnage fan. Actually I have always been a fan but its just reaffirmation. 

I still remember the time when I would desperately wait for Tale Spin to happen. Obviously I was young enough not to have any biases and favorites. But with time, when the show became a passe, and memories began to fade away, there were few things left in the mysterious folds of memory. Amongst them was Don Karnage. The pirate king. The king of puns. The master of one-liners. 

His impeccable sense of humour and great timing at the makes him such a superhero (supervillian if you may). 

This is one character I would have loved to meet in real life. And I am talking from what I have seen in the translated version that ran in India. Have no clue how good/bad was he in the original series. If you are in India and you are keen on watching him, tune into Jetix every morning at 8. 

Too bad Don doesn't have a page on Wikipedia. I however found a few fanpages and here is a linked list

Image credits: visionsfantastic Forums

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WufgabgBaruqe (YouTube) said...

I can't blame you at all for liking him, as I do too

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