I do ...

I just realized that I spread myself too thin with so many things at the same time. Apart from my work at CLA, and a lot of blogging, I am trying to ...

  1. Organize a trip to Leh in June 2009.

  2. Work with Mutiny and its print edition efforts.

  3. Discover India, using post offices as a medium.

  4. Create a society akin to Mensa or TED where only criteria for membership is intellect. Its a group of eccentrics, megalomaniacs and talented individuals.

  5. Learn Urdu.

  6. Master the art of playing Poker.

  7. Start a book club for reading enthusiasts in Mumbai and elsewhere in India.

... all at the same time.

Basically I am responsible for spreading myself too thin at all times and hence this lingering feeling that I never complete anything. Any remedies anyone?

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