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Since the last year I have started reading anything that comes my way. Books, articles, newspapers, annual reports, faces, people, maps, road signs, behavioral decisions made by people, you name it and I have read it.

I cant really say if reading has helped me or not, but I know for sure that I can now blabber on a lot of things in a group of people and get accepted socially.

I have also realized till the time I started reading seriously, everything I was taught, everything I read, I ate it as a fact, not mere opinion of the author. For example if a newspaper said a particular movie sucked, I would have accepted it without question (many people still do) but I have realized over the last year that it’s a mere opinion and they might be wrong after all even if they are the leading media house in the world, winner of Nobel prizes, authorities or even Einsteins of the world.

Continuing with it, I recently started asking questions at places where conventional wisdom wouldn’t have even ventured.

I also realized that it’s the freedom of speech that is one of the most important gifts to the mankind and a lot of us exploit this gift and talk and talk. Also, there is a breed of men (not women … but men) who would use this gift conservatively and speak only when required. No points for guessing which group of people would eventually emerge as winners. I used to belong to the first group and I am trying to jump over the fence and move to the other side.

So far results have been ok. Hopefully would get the desired results.

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