Meeting my clone

Last night I was not really in the best of the moods. Only thing I could think of was the Moby song Why Does My Heart and I put that on my Twitter

@twilightfairy replied in the morning that me and sepiaverse tweeted about the same song at the same time. And he she too mentioned about the dog. Whoa. Coincidence? Clones? Mind Reading? Telepathy?

P.S.: Is this post worthy enough of reaching


Twilight Fairy said...

oh.. aah.. err.. umm.. this misconception seems to be plaguing me and sepiaverse both for some strange reason!!

@sepiaverse is a female! (even her profile has her name there :P)

sepiaverse said...

@twilightfairy :)aah true, but my name is also unisex naa..

it was such a sweet thing goes through the mundane relying on these little morsels of wonderment once in a while...

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