Focus 3.0

After a lot of convincing by a few very good friends, here is renewed Focus for the blog. Version 3.0.

So, what is all this noise about? What after all is Focus?
Focus is my way of taking stock of things the way they are and the way they could be. I do a focus from time to time. The last (it was also the first one ever) one is here.

What changes this time?
Before everything else, why do I blog? One reason and one reason only. To get an opportunity to meet people who are better than me.

And here are some thoughts (my efforts at thinking out loud honestly) ...

So far I have been posting anything under the sun under the disguise of The New New Thing. As a result, I am not really engaging people in conversations as much as I would love to. I know for a fact that I hold a definitive opinion on quite a few things (branding, Internet, behavioural psychology, etc) and they are more than valid. Just because I have been a lazy blogger, I loose opportunity to interact with great minds. More than that I loose an opportunity to actually establish myself as an opinion holder on these subjects. Not that I want to be known as one but I dont want to be shrugged off as yet another n00b (cant help pimping my domain name :D) on a rampage with a domain name.

What happens to The New New Thing now?
The New New Thing would remain what it is. A blog where I track The New New Thing. However, it would strictly become a business, marketing/branding, technology, Internet and new media blog. 5 things is still too much to cover on one single blog by one single person but I really feel passionately for these things and want to try and juggle all these at the same time. Obviously, if I fail, I can always do a Focus 4.0 in few days.

What else changes about The New New Thing?
As pro-bloggers would say, The New New Thing would become my CV. My conversation starter. My selling proposition. It would act as food for thought for people. It would help me get access to interesting people and their opinions. Finally with these meetings, conversations and debates, I would help myself understand things better. Its like a feedback loop. More you understand, better people you find to talk to. And better people you know, more they help you understand.

And everything else goes to my War of Words blog. Its a step down (It is hosted on blogger) from here but I guess I will stick to it for the time being. I cant really develop two blogs at the same time. I will continue posting on, and (not that these great blogs miss me) as and when I get motivation and opportunity. I will also maintain PseudoSocial and 04p050. I do plan to start a travel blog sometime soon.

Thank you for a patient read. Please do share any feedback you might have about me or my blogs.


Saurabh Garg

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