119 and counting ... !!!!

There is a phenomenon called Orkut. Phenomenon because every internet user I know in India is hooked onto it.

Today I logged in Orkut.com after about 15 days and this is the message I got ...
you have more friends to consider, please accept or decline the ones shown
WOW... I dint know that apart from 119 friends I have on Orkut, there could be more people interested in knowing me. There are 11 people waiting to add me and as the message says... "there are more people waiting to add me".

I dont have 'female' as my gender, nor I have some hot pic and I havent said that I own a ferrai ... Somethings wrong ... :D

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Tismar Khan said...

I agree about the phenomenon part and Indians being hooked to it. I havent had lot of random dudes adding me but I know it happens a lot. I have a posting on orkut and India on my blog as well !

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