A Real Life Crime Thriller ... ?

It looks like a plot right out of a Jeffery Archer or a John Grisham novel.

A very fast emerging country. A very enigmatic and popular leader. An important man in the opposition party of the democracy. Equal number of followers and mudslingers. Some people claim that the leader was corrupt and took bribes in tunes of millions of rupees.

One fine day his own brother shoots him thrice from point blank in broad day light. The leader, fighter he is, grapples with life and death for 12 days in hospital before succumbing to bullet wounds. The brother says he was used as a discarded toilet paper by the leader.

A month later, the only son of the slain leader is brought into the hospital. The servants claim that the son complained of breathing problems after a late night party at his house. Preliminary investigations reveal the case of food poisoning, alcohol consumption and drug (cocaine) abuse. Along with the son, the secretary of the slain leader is also reported DOA (Dead on Arrival).

Servants report three unidentified youths in the home, brought in by the recently killed secretary without any authorization and security checks. The autopsy of the secretary reveals poison in the gut. Police recover white powder on dead secretary, ill son and the house. The staff cleared the crime scene by "cleaning" the bottles, glasses and vomit.

The son, like the father is in the hospital, on life support system, fighting away the ultimate truth. The cops are waiting to question the son.

(to be contd ...)

The leader in here is late Mr. Pramod Mahajan. The son is Rahul Mahajan. The dead secretary is Vivek Moitra. It is reported that he was supposed to visit Assam to complete the last rites of his late father.

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