On Public Demand

Today I realized that there indeed are a few people in the world who do read my BLOG. I was asked questions why I wasnt posting things on my BLOG. In my two years of blogging (career?), I have never come across a fan. But I guess things are about to change.

So I have been busy working. Working on what ..? Please do not ask me. I am not at liberties to discuss things. But rest assured I am very very happy working where I am working and I hope everyone enjoys their work as I am.

Apart from work, I realized that there are things that a business school can never never teach. In due course of time, I would like to talk about them (and they are not related to my work in any way).

Next on the agenda is my move to Gurgaon. I would be shifting base to gurgaon sometime this week. Sooner the better. Yet again I am looking forward to the change.

And to everyone who thought Delhi would not see any monsoons, the rains are here. It rained like crazy here and its been two days.

And I guess this should be enough to keep public happy :) (P.S.: I hope I get my ipod soon ;))

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