Something even Google can't find !!!!

For the last 20 years of my life, I have been looking for a girl who would be rich, has just the right looks, got a bit of brain and is the sole heiress of the entire fortune of her dad. Needless to say I have been unsuccessful.

So I though why not try Googling for her? I conjoured up all my techie skills and wrote a query. I wanted a "female" who was still "single" and had a "rich dad". She should be the "sole heiress" of the entire estate. Further I want her to have some kinda "brain". And finally ... this is not that important ... some "good looks".

The query goes like "single" "female" "rich dad" "sole heiress" "brain" "good looks".

I ran a google search hoping to get some help and realizing my life long dream of getting instant money and not having to work a single day again in my entire life ... :)


Google dissapointed me and I could not find a single result :( Guess there are things that even Google can't find ! May be it's time Larry and Serg got back to their research days and authored yet another "back"rub algorithm .. but may be with a human touch this time .. :)


Anonymous said...

wish you luck for the rarest thing on this earth- girl with beauty+brains+money...huh!!!

chirayu said...

funny thing... if you try the query now, google points to your blog!! :p


u should know who can writw this to u said...

see the point also remains that u cannot find a single entry with replacing girls with guys
tried it

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