Football World Cup in India !

If asked who are Gourmangi Singh, Samir Naik and Habibour Rahman, I am sure 90% people would not know. However if asked who are Van Rooney, Ronaldo and Kahn, people would blurt out names of these players, their clubs, their families and a host of things about these people. By the way the three people talked about earlier are few of the names from the Indian football Team.

Football World Cup is around the corner. In fact it started yesterday. Everyone from Sports Television to Business Channels to Hotels, Clubs and may be the ever essential Kirana Store people are on to cash the worldcup fever. And all that in India. India is ranked 118 in FIFA rankings and have had no chance of reaching the World Cup, however there are people who would love to be seen associated with Football.

Ask them about Hockey, they wont even know that Hockey is the national game of India. Ask them about kabbaddi, they wont know what exactly is the world. And after a few months, ask them about football, they wont know that either. Once every four years, entire nation is engulfed in the football fever. They might not know the history of the game, the rules and other important things but they are watching every game as if it was a matter of life and death for them.

I agree Kolkata crowd is most knowledgeable, educated and sophisticated in India. But having a MahaMritunjaya for Brazil is just out of my comprehension. If things could go right by just a maha mritunjaya, I would have mastered the art long time back. And I want to ask them when was the last time they even thought about problems in India, leave alone having a mahamritunjaya.

Finally I would want to analyze the reasons for the method behind the madness. Why everyone goes crazy about the world cup when it aint affecting their lives in any damn way possible !!!!

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