Wish - List !

Tomorrow I am moving to Gurgaon for a week. I thought I would go to the local market and buy some essential things. I tried to be organized and I actually made a list of things to buy. The list looked like this ...
  1. A packet of Post-Its
  2. A box of pencils with eraser on one tip
  3. A couple of sharpners
  4. A couple of pens (one blue and one black)
  5. Lakme Sunscreen lotion
  6. Brand new shiny toothbursh
  7. A soap case
  8. Nivea talcum powder (yes, the list is getting personal)
  9. A pack of mentos (If you like mentos, watch this video - experiment with mentos and cola)

So I load up my wallet with some cash and a credit card and set off for the market. This ws about a quarter of an hour ago. I am back with nothing from the list, did'nt even take the wallet outta my pocket. I guess I was outta luck. I guess these people do not want me to leave this place and go Gurgaon. May be they have hidden their inventories :)

I wish I could order this list on Amazon or some other site and get them delivered at my doorstop. May be the next business idea... ?

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