The Daily Grind - 2714 - 260718

If there are days that I'd say are weird, today would take the cake.
I had a good time while working.
I had arguments over petty things.
I said no for the first time and it came to bite me back in the ass.
I was told that I cant keep my people happy.
I saw a silver lining in the otherwise cloudy, vague kind of life am living. And the kind of work am doing.

There were good things. And there were bad.
There were expected thing. And there were unexpected surprises.

I need to not have days like today.

I promise myself.

Thats it for the day. More tomorrow.

PS: Technically, this should NOT count as a post. Anything less than 500 300 is not a post. But I had to hit publish before I slept. I remain committed to 1000 words on average a day till the end of the year. Lets see. 

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