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Today's post. Its 1104 and I have less than an hour. 1000 words. Let's do this. 

Disclaimer. So, today's post is going to be kind of sad. And one of the things that I preach to the world around me is that we need to avoid things that make us sad. These things rub off. So in case you want to not spoil the day or whatever, may be don't read (assuming you read this on a day to day basis).

So, why am I sad? I have no reason to be sad to be honest. Life is ok. I am not really unhealthy. I have enough money to pay my bills. There is enough work on my plate to keep myself busy. There is enough stress to keep me alive and kicking. And there is enough ambition and dreams and all that in my head to keep me going. So its cool.

And as I write I realize that I am probably lying to myself! Lemme make a list of things.

Life is ok. 
I guess.

I am not really unhealthy.
At my age, I should be running the marathons, climbing the Everest and all that. And I on the other hand am lying on my stomach, trying to write this post. And getting breathless as I write this. The very act of writing the post is becoming a task. You know what am saying?

I have enough money to pay my bills. 
Who am I kidding? My bank balance is in low 4 figures and I need to find a way to make more of it. And lot more at that. I HAVE to get rich.

There is enough stress. 

There is enough ambition and dreams.
True. But I think I need to find a way to get those dreams to become reality! All I do is dream all day long. And not put things in action. Ok. Wait. I am not that bad. I actually do things but I need to up the ante and do lot more. Agreed that life is just 24 hours and and we ought to prioritize but then what about trying to be the Superhero? More on this later.

So yeah. That's it.

#note2self: You are clearly lost Mr. Garg. You need to find a way out!

That's it for the day. Not really a 1000 words. 400 odd if I am right with my estimation. But I got the post done. That's the good thing for the day. Phew!

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