The Daily Grind - 2724 - 170718 - The Queen of all Trades

So as I type this, I am at Chilis - an American diner kind of place where people on my table are making merry over beer and the live cricket match between India and England. And I am stuck with my laptop on the table, trying to crank out a post. The post for the day. And why? Because come whatever may, I am going to write. Also, yesterday I said that I will probably talk about the mistakes I've made while investing but I will talk about it some other day. For the time being, lemme get on with it. 

Today was an interesting day. To say the least. Started early and met a senior from MDI. The discussion with him left me humbled. And humiliated. And all that. Thing is, before I met him, I thought that I knew everything about everything. But an hour with him I realised that I dont even know enough about my industry to explain those deep, pointed questions that he asked me! For example he asked me how do I decide where to spend the media money on online. And I did not have the answer. I mean I could tell him how we go about it and how those decisions are made and how we tweak things and all that but I could not convince him! PS: At the end of it, when he left, he did say that may be I am the Queen of all trades. Tad better than Jack and lot lesser than the king. 

So yeah. That.

The other thing that happened today was a pitch for a big project.

And oh my God. I know I love to blow my trumpet like a bitch but if you saw me presenting performing today, I can guaren-damn-tee that you would've left impressed! That's a skill that I need to work further on. To a point that the delivery becomes impeccable. Like everytime I go up to present something, I must leave junta audience speechless!

The third thing worth talking about, I made a 3-hour trip to the airport to meet a friend for five minutes. The important bit is not 5 minutes but the fact that I could meet him after this long. Thing is, I have been in conversation with him for few months now and I could finally put a face to his name! More about him in some subsequent post when I actually get to spend time with him.

So yeah, thats about it for the day.

PS: #note2self. With each passing day, while I am able to get the writing streak going, the quality of posts (in terms of what I write about) is going down. Of course I cant control the quality of writing (thanks to my limitations as a speaker of English language) but I can for sure control what I talk about. For example, what if I ensure that each day's post has the lesson that I learnt in the day? This ensures that I catalog the day and think about it and grow each day. And this allows the readers to take home something that is worth value. Assuming people seek value. Do they? 

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