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As I write this, its 11 PM and this little voice in my head says that If I can write AND publish today, I can win the world! Why? Because I am not really in the best of moods. And its like the longest day ever. And the day's todo list is one-mile long.

Plus unlike last time around where I would cheat by writing after midnight and count it as post for the previous day, I dont want to do it this time around. Why not? Because I want to see if I push myself, what all am I capable of doing. And thus the "win the world" quip.

So I am not sure what to write about. The entire world is gaga about this thing called Sacred Games on Netflix. If you dont know about it, go read it on... Wait. Dont do anything. Stop reading this post and close the laptop and jump out of the window. You get the drift?

And like everyone, I am watching Sacred Games and I am on the 6th episode and unlike the world, I cant seem to find the reason why the world is so enamoured by it. I mean everyone I know, including their neighbours and pets and all that seem to be hooked to it. Hooked as in its a 8 episode thing and most people saw it in one sitting. Thats like 8 hours of violence, blood, gore. And its 8 hours of a story that I think fails to hold me interested. Ok, wait. I am getting in the review zone. That's for TRS to do and me to observe.

Moving onto the next thing (one eye at the watch - its 1147). Irrespective of what I am typing and where I am in the narrative, I will hit publish at 11:59. Unless I get in the zone. You know that zone? When you are in flow and time seems to stop! Read more about it here.

The other thing that happened today was that it dawned onto me that all the investments that I am making in various projects, they may not be the best way to do! Its 1154 and time may not be enough to rant about this - will probably do so in the post tomorrow. Unless I find something better to write about.

Chalo thats about it. Not a thousand words. But a legit post nonetheless. Over and out.

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