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So, I am going to do that thing again (at least try to). Thing where I write everyday. Even if I dont have anything interesting or special to say, I will publish. I. WILL. PUBLISH. The aim is to do a 1000 words each day. On an average. Today. And for the next 2732 days.

Why 2732 days? Because of this.

And not just 2732 but for the rest of my life.

And no. This is not the first time I am trying to do this. I have made multiple attempts in past. And I have failed at all of them. And if this time I am to succeed, I will have to make a superhuman effort to ensure that I dont drop out. I mean last time I took this challenge, you know how many days I lasted?


I dont remember myself how many days I lasted. :(

#note2self, #sideNote
Talk about memory and the point of this blog if I cant remember what I wrote about! 
Also talk about how self-loathing is the worst thing you can ever do to yourself. 


Thing is, this time, I am committed to make this one the longest.

How long?
Well, as long as I live.
And if I get to time and location independence with money and all, probably will write more shit for people to see and read after I am gone. But then, once you are dead, would it matter? Not to me. But to others, it may. If I can change a few lives while I am around (and even when am gone), I would have lived well. Chalo, not am rambling. Time to get on with it.

So, after this mile long pretext, here is the post for the day. And no, I dont have anything special to talk about. I will just dump the shit that's crowding my head. And that's where my happiness is!

Lemme divide things to talk about into "themes"

I restarted Keto yesterday. This is the third or the fourth time I am attempting Keto. Apart from the first time (which was about 4 months ago), I havent been able to sustain for more than 3 weeks.

PS: When I did it the first time around, the results were fascinating and thus I am encouraged to go back. Thing is, I dropped a couple of inches if not more. And while I suspect that was because of the calorie deficit, I am sure Keto did play a part.

This time around, I hope to "mix" Keto with some moderate exercise. Lets see where it takes me. Today is day 2 and I know there is Keto Flu around the corner.

Plus I have been reading about no (or low) carb diet and the list of advantages runs into miles! So, I am ok to make the lifestyle change and move from a diet that traditionally has been full of carbs (potatoes, sugar and more) and fat (ghee and oil). To proteins. And better fat (ghee, butter not oil). No I am not the specifics guy (I do have an eye for detail but I dont get into specifics - there's a subtle difference between the two. Maybe I will write a blogpost on this. #note2self).

Apart from this, I need to start taking those supplements. This again is a HUGE change from the stance that I have held all my life. I have hated the concept of nutritional supplements and now I am ok to experiment. Guess this is what mid-life crisis makes you do?

Oh, the next change? Start eating non-vegetarian. Lets see if I can do this. Like they say, change is good!

I also need to start the running regimen. I have to do that sub-4 Marathon and the Everest. I guess once I lose some fat, I can get to this?

Actually, come to think of it, this is probably the best time to start running? Weather is good and body will cool down faster. Ok, I will give it a shot today. TODAY being the keyword here. Come rain, hail or whatever!

What I do at C4E is interesting and gives me a some freedom to play around and create projects, I am hard at work to identify an alternate source of income. The kinds Rich Dad Poor Dad talks about. Passive. That works for me, rather than me working for it.

To be honest, I shouldve done this about 10 years ago. But as they say, better late than never. The idea is to get to a point where I no longer have to trade my time for the money I need to live.

Live. Not survive.

#sideNote. While writing, I realised that this blogpost is my trying to reaffirm my views to myself. The blog is like a conversation that I am having with self. Which is not a bad thing to be honest!

Coming back. So I want to make enough from a passive source that I dont have to depend on a fixed pattern of life (wake up, goto office, come back home, watch a sitcom, sleep and repeat).

And the time and day and age that we live in, it allows me to do that. I just need to get it done.

I could talk about people that dint really need a passive income source - they got so good with their primary source of income that they made the money, made the impact, changed the world, made time for themselves and did not have to worry about compromising on their lifestyle. But then, I am definitely not that and I need to think of things that work for me. 

When I started the year, one of the yearly goals was to write 202 posts. As of today, I am at 39 posts. That means I have 160 odd to go. And thats almost same as the number of days that are remaining in this year. So, a post a day should see me through. Hmmm.

#sideNote. More than half of the year is over. Must do an assessment. 

The other writing goal is to get the second book out. Started working with a friend but we lost track along the way. Need to action that in the next few days.

Wait. What about staying on focus on making the money? And all these things could remain at the backend! Nah. 

Misc updates
I restarted playing Poker. No I dont have the time but I want to give it a few hours each day. I love the game. And I really want to get good to it. If I were to draw a list of things that I want to do in life, Poker would be up there. I am ok to let go of guitar and pool and other things. But not poker.

Poker gives me an outside shot at creating a life that makes me travel the world and earn enough to live well. No, this is NOT plan A. This is a good backup plan for life.

note2self: Is this your new distraction? Think! 

Existential Questions
Lately I have been thinking hard on what I want to be doing. What do I mean lately? I have been in the thinking mode for well over a decade now (if not longer).

Other things that I am struggling to find answers to (if you are reading and wish to help, please do give me inputs):

A. Business. What I do at C4E is good and interesting but its a BIIIIIG pain in the ass to get new business. What do I do to get new business? Making phone calls? Sending emails? Creating content? If not for the patronage and largesse of a couple of giants, I would probably be back in Delhi, living with my parents. Or I would've found a full-time job (which would be the saddest thing ever). 

note2self: Mr. G, you can NOT get back to a full-time job ever. Unless its life and death situation. 

So, the question is, how do I find people to trust their brands with me? With C4E and with AWSL. 

B. Reputation. Thing is, wherever you go, your reputation precedes you. And I for reason haven't been able to create a reputation AT ALL. I mean my best friends have a tough time connecting with me. One option is that I cut off my friends. May be I will. But I will probably remain alone (if I do that). The other is to work on it. Question is, how! Any clues? Oh, by the way, I wrote this long post on reputation (and other things). I seem to know the academic answer. How do I translate it in action? 

One easy answer is that I need to conduct myself better. I need to have gravitas when I speak. Vanita has been asking me to work on this. And while I think I have worked on this, I am not sure if I am reaching anywhere with this. Help me if you can. Please!

C. Recreation. A couple of weeks back I went to Goa with a friend. And unlike other trips, this time I did not touch my laptop. And by the end of the 3-day trip, I was sick of NOT working.

Now, for someone who enjoys taking a break, this is a great thing to do. But to me, I am not sure if I want to do this. Why? Because what point is a life that is spend chasing frivolities and not challenging self?

Wait. In the large scheme of things anything and everything do is meaningless (afterall, we are on this large rock that is moving at some super high speed around the Sun and at some point in time it will probably collapse into the damn Sun once it becomes a blackhole!). So why do I even work, create things, inspire others and all that?

And then I ask, why not? If I live my life chasing frivolities, I would have a simple, easy, comfortable life. I would have seen the world, enjoyed all the great things that the world has to offer. And end of things.

If I work hard, inspire others and all that, I would probably live a tad less happier but I would have made lives of others tad better. May be I inspire them to get new jobs, discover new joys that they never knew, live happier, live healthier and so on and so forth. In the large scheme of things I probably wouldnt make any dent but to those few people that I impact the lives of, I would've probably made a world of difference.

Any why do I want to do this? Have I been told? Am I responsible? Why do I bother? Is this my problem?

Well, I dont have an answer. I met this gentleman a few days ago and he postulated that I want to do these things because I probably want to play God! Interesting hypothesis. May be I do. But guess we'd never know!

Or maybe, I'd try and find out. Over the next few days!

Till then, over and out. This is about it for today. I dont know if this is 1000 words but I have nothing else to say. Writing after a month or so and thus, a tad rusty! 

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