Blow Your Head Off At Every Small Thing

MR. "blow your head off at every small thing" ...

There is a very cute friend on mine who gave me this name about 5 minutes back. I don't know how someone can call me that when I think I am never pissed off at anything. I am ready to take whatever comes my way...

But if she says so, I really have to ponder upon it. After all she is a very very good friend and if she says so, it ought to be true.

She would do anything I tell her to and is one of those people whom I can depend on. Just that she can be very very irritating at times. Another thing to talk about her would be the time keeping abilites. She always makes sure that she is on time. I know she has to get ready, have breakfast, call people up, she is busy but she would always be on time ! (... Intelligent people would have decoded this ;))

Thinkin ...

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