Removing se.dll

I posted this title few days back and people have been coming to the website askin for this very thing.

My comp was infected with se.dll and I tried every thing that was listed on the websites and could not do it. Had to waste a couple of nights but finally I found a way. Although I corrupted the Windows Search (that I rarely used) but the se.dll thingy has been removed and I am very happy about it.

If ever someone uses what I tell here, please understand that s/he is doing things at own risk and I am just listing here what I did. I would not recommend anyone to follow the steps.

Step 1. Restart the comp in Windows XP Safe Mode (F8)
Step 2. Open Registry Editor (regedit.exe)
Step 3. Search for all the instances of Search Assistant and delete them. This would screw the Windows Search.
Step 4. Start msconfig (msconfig.exe), delete an entry called sp.XXX.
Step 5. Search for a four lettered exe file having a size 32 KB and delete that also. This might screw up some other stuff also. Worked for me, others might not be as lucky.
Step 6. Say thanks to me and restart.

I would add more in the mean time but I recommend searching on google rather than on yahoo about this and I am sure you would find it. Also Norton Anti Virus 2004 is able to remove this hook up. I tried other AV software but none of them worked but Norton.

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