Gaming and Flashing at its best !

is a place where you could find the famous Crimson Room and Viridian Room RPGs. I got these games accidently when I was looking for a few flash games online.

The creator of these famous "rooms" - Takagism (I hope I got his name correct) is truely a master of the trade.

He has combined two things that have truely facinated me. Computer Gaming and Creativity. Let me start with the gaming part first. I statred with games very early and statred with Mario, Contra etc. and I still remember playing Tiny Toons at a shop near my place. Then MAC happened and kAgE introduced me to the wonderful world of REAL computer gaming. I had played DOS games like Writer Rabbit and Bricks before but the real gaming started at the cafe near our college and on the LAN between me and kAgE. It was mostly Quake 3 Arena but the important thing was that I got attracted towards it like anything. Then it was Babel where I had a chance to feel the action on the consoles. Amongst them, it was the GBA SP that I thought was the coolest.

Flash - The Macromedia product. I have been using since version 4 and now they are upto version MX. Things have changed. Macromedia as a copmany has given a lot to the internet. There was a time when it was mandatory to have a flash intro for every website. Although things have changed but still the amount of funtionality that can be given to a static page is awesome. Hats off to the creators of this wonderful software.

Coming back to the original rooms... I must admit that I was not able to solve the puzzles but as they say you can find stuff on the internet and I googled my way to glory. Talking of google brings me to another question. Which amongst the Google and Yahoo is better ... (Reason is that when I search for my name on both these search engines, on one, I am on the top of the world and on another I am just another jack in the town).

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