DL 1S M 8101

DL 1S M 8101 - The Yamaha RX 135. Sandyz Bike.

When my dear Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber Croma (with disk brakes) is not working, this is the bike that I roam around on.

I can recall four incidents when I was out with someone on this bike, and the petrol finished. I had to drag the bike to a good distance.

Twice I was with Aastha and guess what, next moment I was dragging the bike with her. Luckily I found the petrol pump in the next instant.

Next I went shopping with Surbhi and while coming back from Delhi (yes from Delhi) I had to drag the bike all the way from Delhi to Gurgaon over the border.

Next I was out to get a cake with Shubhi and as usual I was found dragging a bike to the Cake Castle. This time I had to call Jeetu and he came all the way from library to the Sector 14 market to rescue us from the place.

Bottom line... even though the bike is Yamaha, roads are ok, city is Gurgaon, I have great people to take along with me but somehow I don't have a bike. And when I have it, its the same good old RX 135.

I think its a jinx. Whenever I am out with someone male... it somehow never happens and when its the ladies, it it bound to happen !

Bike, my life, when ever I am down, very happy, very sad, I just need to go out on a bike for a ride ...

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