Nishant Nigam - Happy Birthday !

4th March - Nishant Nigam's Birthday.

Nishant Nigam - yet another very good friend at MDI. Call it luck, call it chance, he was in my first sem academic group and the again in the second sem. In these two sems working with him I realized that he is of the best people that you would ever find. Cool, Calm, Composed, Understanding everything you want from a friend and a person, he has it.

Then came Imperium where I found that he and me had SO many things in common that I lost track. There I learn how to stand for each other, how to care for each other, sacrifice yourself to make sure tht the other person is doing well. The first two semesters and then Imperium bonded us as friends - Friends Forever.

If I start talking about him on a post, I can go on for ever. I can talk about the times when we - a group of 10 people - would sit in his room for hours and do nothing but talk, when we would just kill time by roaming around in campus. When we all would study in his room ! Yeah actually Study :D

So it was his birthday and since he has no roomie, I had to get all the cakes etc and we got em. The number of people that came to greet him birthday was probably the maximum for anyone. Simple enough measure of the popularity of the chap.

Here is the end of this post and wishing him all the luck in life and best wishes.

(copy-pasted from my other *secret* BLOG)

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