Happy Holi

Holi the festival of colors is here and its that time of the year when you have loads and loads of fun !

Wishing everyone a colorful and happy H O L I !!!!

This is a small naration of what happened at the MDI hostel on holi ...
It was about 8 in the morning and the entire hostel was as good as dead. Then suddenly, this DholWala enters the hostel and wow all the people are up in a flash. Then someone of us realizes that the ladies are still sleeping. So the DholWala is routed towards the girls hostel. The obvious happened.

As all of us gathered behind the academic block, there was a pit full of mud water, eggs, what not and we all were thrown - yes THROWN - in the pit and then follwoed buckets full of the same mixture.

Then there was a round of Bhaang and few people who never knew the taste of something as divine as alcohol were found doing interesting things.

Anyways we had a fun filled day and was one of those days that I won't forget after passing out of MDI.

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