No No No

A friend rad my BLOG and told me that it looks like a directory of all the girls in your college and that you are going around with all of them.

I have got only one word for her - NO.

And I have decided to start referring to friends as friends. Let me not get human by taking their names on a public place.

P.S.: As far as I know, only few people get time to visit my BLOG. And no :p:D you are not the friend that has made me reomve all the names from the BLOG.

As I am writing this, an !dea struck me. Why not codify names... ? What I would do is that I would give code names to people and then use these code names to talk about them. I know this would be a rip off from Priyadarshini @ USC but as they say - You must adopt the best practices ...

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