Happy Birthday - Sandeep Agarwal

Sandeep Agarwal aka Sandy aka Sandiago celebrated his 126th birthday on 27th March at MDI. With his birthday, he is officially a member of the oldie club at MDI. Other notable members are Nishant Nigam, Amrit Rao Pejawar, Shiva Kumar Chikkamath, Siddharth Sinha, Sandeeep Pandya... and few more names... They are so old that I can't remember their names. They have been lost long time away.

So dear Sandy was so exited about his birthday that he sent a mail to the entire batch himself and asked people to come out and give him a bashing.

Talking about birthdays and bashings, I hate being a friend of someone who has a birthday. Reason being the free kicks and smearing with the cake that you get ...

More to follow soon (may be after the exams...?)

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