Eternal Bliss !

Today after I had completed the Delphique Panel Selection along with other people, I was walking down the ring road in the campus and felt very very relaxed. Probably the best feeling for quite some time now.

I have realized that the amount of satisfaction and happiness that you get after working so hard is great. I am not one of those who would work hard very often and wait for the result. I normally don't work hard but if I like something, then I am on it like anything.

Also one thing that drives me is Challenge and Competition. if a task is very challenging, I love to work on it, even though 9 out of 10 times, I won't be successful at it but still I like to give it a try. And if you are real lucky, the one time you suceed, the satisfaction that you get out of it is AMAZING. Has happened with me once and boy it was one hell of a feeling...

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