Google and Publicis to share Resources and Talent has this interesting article about Publicis and Google. According to adage, Google and Publicis have agreed on talent sharing to design and develop new product and services. Talent sharing has been done in the past as well but there is more to this sharing than any other partnership.

In an interview to, Publicis CEO Mr. Levy said
1. "For a few months or a year, people from Publicis Groupe will be working at Google, and people from Google will be working at some of our companies"
2. "We're bringing Google our knowledge of advertising communications, consumers and client needs. They're bringing us knowledge of technology and the world of the web."
3. "Google might develop partnerships with other agencies, and Publicis is free to work with other groups, such as Yahoo or MSN."

Publicis is into advertising and communication and Google is in technology and web. How can these two companies benefit from talking to each other?

If you look deeper into the core businesses, Publicis is effectively into communication of benefits of existing brands and still deeper, creating the need for a new brand. Google on the other hand is in the business of providing information to users and enabling transactions between users and brands.

If Publicis was to get into a relted business, they would logically get into Google's domain and if Google integrated backwards, it would go into Publicis' territory.

More and more companies are willing to share information to design new products. Interesting times ahead.

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