Viren Rasquinha retires from Hockey to pursue education

Viren Rasquinha has retired from Hockey to pursue management education from ISB.

I would be honest. I would not say that I follow Hockey and I cant name all 11 players that make up the Team India. Last I followed Hockey was when Dhanraj Pillai was the captain and Ashish Balal was the goalie. Apart from Viren, I remember names like Prabhjot Singh and GaganAjit Singh.

So, Viren is leaving hockey to pursue management education. I am sure it would have been a very tough decision. One side is representing country in Olympics, five minutes of fame, life time of memories and intermittent money. The other side is secure post-MBA career with a big corporate, money and ownership of businesses and power it brings.

The entire country is up in the arms because someone abused a cricket bowler and I don't know how many these "true" Indians would even know Viren Rasquinha's name. The bowler got prime airtime on even regional channels and Viren's retirement did not even make it to the front page of a national daily.

I have done my MBA (arguably from the best NON-IIM institute in India) and I can vouch for the poor quality of education. The management education imparted in business schools in India does not take you anywhere. BSchools are nothing but glorified placement agencies. They dont make you leaders. They prepare you to be a part of the herd. The herd that does not know where is it going. I am not sure about Viren's decision to leave but as they say "to each his own".

Anyways, can continue to rant on this forever but fact of the matter is that India has lost yet another athlete to money. All the best to Viren for his career ahead and may be could teach a few "managers" a lesson or two.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure which college you went to pursue your MBA, but I have been to ISB and I must say that the standard of education is really high out there. I have interacted with many MBAs from international schools, and have never felt that we went through an inferior course. So maybe its not right to say that ISB is like any other Indian MBA school.

I guess Viren's decision is a loss for the nation and gain for ISB. Again, who are we to judge whats better for an individual. MBA arms you with tools to impact the world and who knows viren might be able to help state of Hockey post ISB. I will expect no less from a guy like him.

s4ur4bh said...

Dear Anonymous,

I will still maintain that ISB is like any other b school in India. They are in my opinion glorified placement agencies.

However I agree that Viren's decision is his personal and a huge gain for ISB.

As far as MBA arming you with tools to impact that world, I have my doubt. For startes, please name ONE MBA student who has impacted the world.

I am open for a debate. I would have emailed you but you chose to remain anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Since you admitted that you do not follow hockey, here is a news clip for you which you should read first, get your facts straight and then make statements like 'India lost another athlete to money'.

"Why was I dropped, asks Rasquinha"

MUMBAI, Nov 27: Viren Rasquinha has seven years of experience, has played 200 internationals and was the sixth fastest sprinter in the hockey team camp. Yet, Viren Rasquinha found himself dropped at the last hour by some former India captains, who comprise the selection committee

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