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I have wanted to join theatre for quite some time. I entered a query on Google and was directed to homepage of Mumbai Theatre Guide. And right on the top was this ad from Google Adsesne.

The copy read
Watch the hot pics of Indian Women in the world on IBNLive.com Now!

Is the biggest and the best media house in India trying to sell it website by paddling pictures of Indian Women?

Imagine. IBNLive.com is the internet presence of IBN7 – part of TV18 group and a news channel that goes with the punch line "Khabar har kimat par". I used to think TV18 is an awesome company. I am in awe of Rajdeep Sardesai and Raghav Bhal. I know competition on internet is huge but these small cheap tricks to get more visitors on a website will not take them very far. Are they winning medals for journalism by showing hot pics of Indian Women? Are they creating personal fortunes and big companies by selling soft porn?

Coming on to the other side of the issue, do these women know that their pics are being advertised? That their personal lives are being used by IBN to promote their website? If they don't, isn't this breach of their personal privacy? If they do know, doesn’t this amount to crime? Paddling soft porn? Ms. Sushma Swaraj are you listening/reading?

Can someone forward this to TV18 group? And specifically to Mr. Bhal and Mr. Sardesai?


Pd said...

1) I have been "viewing" news at IBN Live for over a year now, and I somehow never managed to look at the ads. I guess you see what you care to see.

2) Ads are not in the hands of IBN Live. I don't know much but if you do more r&d on internet advertising, you will know more.

3) Sushmra Swaraj... seriously? You think she reads your blog? No kidding??

4) Try Kala Ghoda.

s4ur4bh said...

I agree with point 1. You see what you want to see. This means that I either look for pics or I look for ads. Probably the second :D

Point 2, I disagree. They control what keywords they advertise with. People at IBN contorl the text and keywords.

About 3, I wish ( :D) Ms. Swaraj red my blog :D

Kala Ghoda ..? Why?

Pd said...


Someone out there noticed the same ;)

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