Sachin scroes his 38th test match century

Sachin today scored his 38th Test Match Century.

This century is very important from a lot of perspectives. For starters, he got the team out of very difficult position. From 3 for 185, he along with Sourav Ganguly, Harbhajan Singh and Ishant Sharma etc. helped the team take a vital first innings lead.

This century also helped India salvage some pride in the series. India got our for less than 200, in both innings in the last test match. Team needed a strong response in this match. And they delivered.

This century would also elevate spirits of the team. Arguably Sachin, Sourav, Dravid are the best three batsmen India has at this moment. If these three score, team would be upbeat. If these guys don't, other players are still not mature enough to stand and be counted.

For people who are superstitious, this century broke the jinx. He finally got a century after getting out seven times in nineties in 2007. It was not uncommon to see people speculating that he chokes in crunch situations. This should silence them and these critcs would take a second look at their opinion.

On personal front, he was visibly relieved to reach the milestone. He hasn't celebrated a century in this huge a fashion in recent past. In fact in the post match interview he said "I breathed a sigh of relief as I had missed eight or nine hundreds in 2007".

There are people who think that his illustrious past is behind him and he needs to retire. They need to read few facts, re-think and accept that the master blaster is still one of the best batsmen India has.

What remains to be seen is how India bowls in the second innings and if India can go on to win the match from here on.

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