Where to divert the energy?

It’s been more than 25 years now that I have been living. I have nothing to show for my achievements. It’s not because I aint got no brains that I have not achieved anything so far. It’s the pursuit of greatness in every small thing that has prevented me from that very greatness.

I want to be good at too many things at the same time and I end up as average in all of them.

Probably a way forward could be division of time in the ratio 80: 20. I shall spend 80% of my time on one thing and the other 20% on things that are not important.

I have to decide what this chunk would be. Currently I want to do programming, design, entrepreneurship, stocks, photography, web, travel, writing, communications projects, advertisements, the list is endless.

I have been telling people that I want to meet other great people. Spend time with them and learn from them. I can relate to what Newton said about giants and their shoulders. I want to learn from other people who actually think and get into the habit of thinking on things. Right now we don’t think. We think that we think but in reality we don’t really think. We are reacting to things around us.

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