Reliance Power IPO Allocation Status

I just checked stats for this blog and I was surprised to see a lot of hits for Reliance Power IPO Allocation status. And since this is what people want, here it is.

Every retail investor who applied for 225 shares of Reliance Power in the IPO at the cut-off price will get 15 shares. People can check the status of apllotment at this link.

Sadly, Investors who did not apply for 225 shares at cut-off price are not getting any.

Share listing is happening sometime in Feb. Obvisouly I dont know the exact date.

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Niranjan Manjunath said...

How do you say that? What is the source of this information?

s4ur4bh said...


I saw this on TV. On CNBC TV18. There is no link on the internet for same.


Anonymous said...

I have applied for 90 stocks at Rs.430 each. I got 15 stocks allocated.

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