Dilbert Vs XKCD: Which is more popular and why?

Apurba Sen asked the following question on LinkedIn.

Why "Dilbert" is becoming less popular comic strip?

During 2007 Alexa trend showed Scott Adam's comic strip "Dilbert" " lost steadily to other comic strips viz XKCD, Explosm & Penny - arcade.

Any reason why ? What makes XKCD more popular than Dilbert?

I have been reading both Dilbert and XKCD for quite some time now. Here is my answer.
Here is an answer from a die-hard Dilbert and a devout XKCD fan. Dont really follow Explosm.

I think the answer lies in the way you measure popularity.

A lot of people might not go to the websites to read the comics. They subscribe with feed readers and emails. Further Dilbert is syndicated on comics.com and host of other publications. Reach for Dilbert is thus huge without a lot of people logging on to Dilbert.com.

Further, Both comics are for different people.

Most MBAs (including me) can relate to what Dilbert says. Most MBAs are also working in managerial roles and a diverse range of companies. May be they are short of time to logon to the website? I am not implying that managers work ;)

XKCD is about geekdom and its difficult for anyone non-geek to understand what is going on. Geeks love to spend time on the internet and hence more clicks. And geeks are more likely to have all kinds of tool bars (read Alexa) installed on their comps.

In recent years, trend has been moving towards non-conventional careers and more and more people are opting for self-employment and entrepreneurship rather than a MBA. And maybe this is a reason for growing popularity of XKCD?

Any thoughts?

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